Sunday, September 28, 2008

weekend log

Well I'm back in UK, going on week 3 now. Spent my first coherent weekend alone and managed not to go insane (last weekend was in recovery from the prior two weeks of training, partying, and orienteering). Roughly a month left in UK until I rendevouz with Megan and the kids again state side.

Friday watched Get Smart (featuring Steve Carell)... found it very good and laughed out loud but it had me feeling nostaligic. I'll soon be seeking out the 1960's series again to get a fix of the real Maxwell Smart.

Saturday I wandered around the annual Vintage Rally and Steam Organ festival at Victoria Park in Widnes. These pipe organs on display are some absolutely amazing pieces of nostalgia that have been painstakingly restored. They really rock too, you can almost feel the wind in your face standing in front of these things.

Other things to see included a model boat regala on the pond, shire horses, antique cars, antique motorcycles, all sorts of old engines working on display doing various tasks like water pumping, midway games, big band, probably more.

Later I also washed both cars inside and out, and some other chores. After that, I sat down to Youtube and watched the first debate. I'm impressed with both candidates, I really am. I think Obama is the better debater of the two and comes across very sincere and respectable. But having said that I can't pick an overall winner of the debate. Both men have excellent character and I feel this election is certainly not a "lesser of two evils" scenario, not in my book. I support McCain because of his direction of getting our books in order and curbing govt spending. He's also a great deal maker and a centrist. We've needed someone like him for a long time, as I generally believe minimal federal govt is better. I don't buy the "more of the past 8 years" argument. Everyone knows he's not a Bush administration insider.

Today I did laundry, went for a run (abt 2 miles this time huffing and puffing), flogged some stuff on eBay (including Megan's old Peugeot) and watched the movie Babel (giving it 9*, very heavy stuff). Amazing how fast the weekend went by when I had no plans at all going into it, totally unlike me!