Monday, February 28, 2005

the weekend log

homemade pizza, COSI, volunteered for YMCA

the first annual Toledo yoga day expected turnout 50, actual turnout over 400...yay, thanks yoga Jenn!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

the weekend log

road trip to Ann Arbor, church @ UUAA, Hands On, Trader Joe's

somewhere else and back again

Today was spent with my old friend Jason (we actually shook hands in second grade agreeing to be best friends) and his cousin, fighting for control of the world Axis & Allies style. We played 6 hours with Jason once again smashing all competitors. I would blame it on his West Point education but he used to smoke me when we played as kids anyhow.

It felt so creepy driving through the old streets where I grew up (Napoleon, OH). Everything feels smaller now (streets, houses, parks). I don't think I can ever live in that town again, though I had plenty of fun and friends there. There are a few I wouldn't mind seeing again...Kirk, Jason A, Mark G. When I was 18 I felt I could never live anywhere else, so what changed?

Saturday, February 19, 2005

there and back again and there again...

JJ was kind enough to host a showing of the Return of the King, extended edition this evening on his 85" front projection TV. Peter Jackson could have cut so much from the ending (that drags on forever), and left in some of the terrific cut scenes from the beginning and middle. Still, it is an amazing movie based on a terrific story. Mr. Jackson, please recreate Dune!

Brian announced his eminent departure to St. Paul Minnesota today. He and Cyndi are auctioning off their belongings, selling the house, moving into a high rise, and starting anew. That is very inspiring considering they were in a very similar situation as Megan and I. There is no utopia, but we've always felt that there is much more to experience than what we've discovered in Toledo. We spend many-a-weekend foraging in Ann Arbor, maybe that would be a better location for us. The intentional communities, shopping, UU congregation, arts, education, and downtown are all perfection in terms of what we are looking for. What are the downsides? Its further away from family, housing costs twice as much, and job market is tighter. All of those make perfect sense when you consider it as a more desirable place to live.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Well, I guess, 429, actually. Yes, the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been made into a new movie to be released on 4/29/05. I really hope they do it justice, there will be a danger that the intelligent comedy can get lost in the slapstick.

Speaking of movies, Richard borrowed my NBK directors cut on VHS, and his VCR ate my tape so he is buying me the DVD...bonus! I also loaned him Get A Life volume 1 which he rated 'so-so'. Whenever his wife comes home and he is watching some crazy whacked out movie, he has watched it on my recommendation. I don't think she will be letting him play with me anymore. On that note, picked up the newer edition of Reservoir Dogs and also Forrest Gump tonight, two more of my favorite movies. How's that for a dichotomy? I like movies that are very artistic, slightly off kilter, intelligent, dark, and if some humor can't be found in all that I might forgive.

For those interested in the Toledo indie movie scene check out the work Joel Washing and crew have been doing:

Sunday, February 13, 2005

its about time...

Yes, every kid and his half sister have a blog now and it seems a little late to be jumping on blog the bandwagon. However, I've had the urge to post some things to my friends now and then....some may be less interested than others in what I have to say on a variety of topics. Now with this nifty feed I can let them grok me at their own pace.

Thanks to those who joined me last night @ Gumbo's/Club Sin. The scene is nowhere near as good as I hoped, but then again, not bad for Toledo. Jim felt bad for accidentally being trendy by wearing an untucked white and blue striped shirt. I assured him that the most cool (take JJ for example) had diagonally striped shirts so that gave him some comfort. The food and conversation were excellent, and I can't think of better people to be surrounded by to celebrate my 30th. Missed some friends from out of town but that's how it goes.

The GlassCityRecords show @ Diva last week was much more my style musically, but unfortunately no one wanted to dance, which may have had something to do with the large crazy man jumping around and later slapping his head on the brick wall (repeatedly). That's when Megan and I took our leave...