Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some highlights of 2011...

One of the main reasons behind this blog was to keep a journal of public facing thoughts and a surface look of what I've been up to. 2011 has been another great year for me. Here are some highlights...

  • Helped with my son's YMCA basketball team, also helped him with Pinewood derby car
  • Discovered
  • Conquered Advance Wars on Nintendo DS
  • Visited National Museum of USAF in Dayton
  • Saw the Toasters & Polka Floyd @ Frankies
  • Traveled to Turkey with the kids (what?! yeah, I know...)
  • Saw Brian Van Der Aark @ Finn's
  • Went to Orlando for a conference and spent time with friends
  • Saw Sting in concert with some friends
  • Went golfing many times
  • Was amazed by the girls in
  • Visited Ft Wayne for step sister's wedding
  • Visited Erie PA for 3 day family reunion
  • Visited Pokagon on annual family gathering
  • Visited Lexington KY for work (check this out:
  • Summer road trip (Cedar Point, Pittsburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Philly, Easton)
  • Coordinated community yard sale
  • Harvested much from our garden (at least what the deer left for us)
  • Tailgate parties @ UT
  • Went back to Philly for work but stayed on for friends and family (what a great city!)
  • Followed the Sing-off and Survivor (not a big TV person but these two keep me coming back)
  • Hosted thanksgiving dinner for family
  • Failed miserably in two fantasy football leagues (but had fun in the process)
  • Delivered donations to Cherry Street Mission (look 'ma, I'm on TV!)
  • Hosted an all night winter party of games and good food for friends
  • Finished Christmas shopping with more that 1 day to spare!

Looking at this list recharges me and reminds me that I'm a lucky person. I'm thankful for friends, family, and the world that God gives.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What, I still have a blog?

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. No posts in 2010? First one for 2011? Yeesh, I feel like its a lost year now! Maybe I should have joined F a c e b o o k? Am I the last holdout?!

We're coming down to the end of the year and I have some heavy things on my mind. For some reason it was getting difficult to feel that warm holiday peaceful bliss because every time I try to go there, I start thinking of all the suffering going on. For example: in my family (step-mom, cousin); my town (homelessness, spike in violent crime); my country (people dehumanizing others based on political leanings); our continent (record number of families being separated and deported from US, unprecedented violence in Mexico); our world (unrest and violence in all of the typical hot spots).

We recently held our annual solstice party and many friends came over. I crashed at about 4am, while some made it through the night, playing games / talking / eating / watching movies / etc. I woke up realizing that connecting to people recharges me and I'm ready to balance my view of things again. Looking at myself in the mirror I realize I was once very social justice and service oriented. I think my mantra for 2012 will be "make the world better". My directions will include helping my immediate family to flourish, contributing through my church, watching out for my corner of Toledo, reducing our pollution footprint, raising awareness of social justice issues, and anything else I can think of along the way. That reminds me, I've got a great idea that would help people in our community and beautify the city at the same time. Now its a matter of finding people who can help me with it. I hope to post more on this idea before 2012 is over!