Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend update

Friday night: making pizzas and family movie night @ home

Saturday: Toledo Sister Cities International festival @ Erie Street Market, some yard work / house work, then church charity auction (lots of fun),_Ohio#Sister_cities

Sunday: Golf @ Ottawa Park and lots of family time.

What a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NWNUG meeting

Went to the NWNUG / .Net Usergroup of Northwest Ohio last night for a nice overview of the Windows 8 "Metro Style" platform by Jennifer Marsman. Microsoft is having a go at distribution channel like Apple App store.

Caught up with some acquaintances whom I haven't seen in ages. It was nice. The temperature was about 70F after coming out of the building at 9pm...incredible weather.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend update...

The weather has been amazing, scary warm...made for scary storms last week! Friday night we visited happy hour at Del Sol. This is the restaurant bar at the Grand Plaza (formerly Crowne Plaza, formerly Wyndham, formerly Radisson?) The food here is the best I've ever had at a hotel and we are totally hooked. It makes for a really nice Saturday family day out actually; a visit to Imagination Station with the kids and then head next door to Del Sol / Aqua Bar with a coupon. I digress...

Friday night after 1 of everything on the appetizer menu and a couple of "Smutty Nose" at Del Sol with some friends, we went to Its Friday at the TMA. There were a couple of nice dance numbers in the great hall (Ardan and then Toledo Ballet). We walked the galleries for a while and then called it a night (a very good night).

Saturday was a combination of kids activities, some outside time at the park and back yard, and then the evil weekend homework. Sunday was church, then an afternoon shuffling from one kid activity to the next. Where does the time go!?